AIT Complex Barracks, Phase I

Ft. Jackson, SC

By The Numbers

7,000 sy

of Asphalt

9,850 sy

of Concrete

14,000 sy

of Rubber Mulch

This project is located on a brown field site with numerous challenges beyond a normal green site.  The site was the location of an older generation Barracks complex that comprised of 11 buildings of varying size.

Our contract picked up with demolition of existing hardscapes and utilities outside of the 5’ footprint of the previously demolished buildings. This work included planning and coordination of new utility tie-ins for the new project with existing utilities outside the limits of construction. The contract also includes cut & fill of 60,000 cy, 10,000 cy of import, 2,300 sf of segmental retaining walls, 7,000 sy of asphalt paving, 9,850 sy of concrete paving and sidewalks, 8,800 lf of curb & gutter, and associated storm drain systems. This project also includes a 14,000 sy rubber mulch personal training pit along with an asphalt running path.